April 2022

Monthly Portfolio Changes

In March we made a number of changes to the ACUMEN Portfolios. Within equities we sold our remaining allocation to a basket of companies operating in ecommerce and logistics and invested the proceeds into UK dividend paying equities and an S&P 500 minimum volatility ETF. Within our fixed income holdings, we slightly reduced our exposure to long dated European government bonds.

King Model Portfolio 3

King Model Portfolio 4

King Model Portfolio 5

King Model Portfolio 6

King Model Portfolio 7

King Model Portfolio 8

King Equity Growth

King Income Portfolio

The value of an investment in the King Model portfolios, Acumen Protection Portfolios or ACUMEN Portfolios may fall as well as rise. Past performance should not be seen as an indication of future performance. Source of data: Tavistock Asset Management, Thomson Reuters and Lipper for Investment Management unless otherwise stated.